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let gravity

M12 release at LES AMIES DU FUTUR
19th of may 2017, ifz leipzig
w/ mix mups new live set + M12 presale +
crowfunding tapes +  t-shirts + comfort zone:
leipzig, say hello!

Some things are heavy and some are not.  MIX MUP’s 12" 'GRAVITY' auf Mikrodisko Records erscheint Ende Mai und wir begrüßen seine neue Platte mit einem von ihm extra für uns nigelnagelneu zusammengezimmerten Live Set! Einfache Rechnung: MIX MUP und Mikrodisko und le crowd du futur = Les Amies de la Gravité! Welcome M12!

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mix mup's "GRAVITY":
M12 out may 2017

some things are heavy and some are not. why is it like this? style for instance seems to have no weight as long its timely and modern. gravity might change, but style endures. it‘s not how low you go, but where and when you show up. temporarily the peripheric mainstream may attract more likes then the contemporary self-contempt. gravity can be a bigger enemy then yourself. don‘t let gravity get you down!

mix mups new 12’ is fighting for a world where gravity is for everyone, regardless of rpm, bpm or bitrate. in this times mix mup and mikrodisko are standing as proud allies together. we shape magic carpets out of black gold! M12 vinyl slices will beat the terrestrial gravity!  hover the spoon. over the moon. 

תרבוע הדיבכהו םיחבונ םיבלכה
sincerely yours, mikrodisko

teaser video for "périférique" (feel free to share)
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come to our release event may 19, 017 at ifz leipzig

april 2017, a tape is born:

we may announce the appearance of TURN NO INTO YES, a mikrodisko soli tape
for objekt klein a in dresden: 2 x 30 min experimental ambient with kassem mosse,
lowtec, perm & diashi on 50 copies of this especially for the crowfunding project
produced cassette are on startnext.com/objektkleina now! 

ps: wherever you are, wherever you go: a yes is a yes and a no is a no. claro.

still a big thing:

buy/order T-SHIRTS oeko + fair trade here: TOKYO JOE Leipzig, POSSBL THINGS Leipzig, EL PARCHE Bogotá or online at pornceptual.com

and shirts are always available at mikrodisko parties.