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mikrodisko is launching new mikro shirts at the 2nd of oct:

MIKRODISKO TOOLS, Berlin, 2nd of Oct, 2016

“It is because humans, nonhumans, and even angels are never sufficient in themselves and because there is no one direction going from one type of delegation to the other, that it is so useless to impose a priori divisions between which skills are human and which ones are not human, which characters are personified and which remain abstract, which delegation is forbidden and which is permissible, which type of delegation is stronger or more durable than the other.” Bruno Latour


What is your favourite tool? Cutter or keyboard? Bomb or lipstick? – Explore the world of users and tools, humans and not. With Mikrodisko you’re entirely in respectable society for this. Practice the Actor-Network Theory by sharing your favorite tools!

Such as this Sunday at Golden Gate Berlin: Mikrodisko have a go! With music from Chicago, Leipzig, Texas, der Waterkant and Berlin. With a world premiere of new propaganda mikro shirts with cutting edge motives and a (very) limited, repressed edition of 80’s in-your-face-orange techon shirts. Mikrodisko halt.

If tools are a means to an end, lets make the end happy!


Mikrodisko TOOLS 2nd of Oct 2016, 23:59h with M50 (etc Chicago), Mix Mup (mikrodisko Leipzig), Boys'r'us (mikrodisko Berlin), Emily (TX) and  dj team surprise morning show

at Golden Gate, Diercksenstr 77-78, 10179 Berlin
S+U Jannowitzbrücke and Alexanderplatz

with oeko + fair trade options

buy/order here:
TOKYO JOE, Industriestraße 22, 04229 Leipzig
POSSBL THINGS, Bornaische Straße 95/Basement. 04277 Leipzig
BERLIN ADRESS is coming soon (see www.mikrodisko.net soon)
or send us a mail to MIKROSHIRTS @@@ gmail.com for mail order informations.

Thx to Hendrik from Deviate Leipzig and to Gautier from Berlin for all the help.

M10 + M11 are in stores, M12 is in the waiting line.


rumpeln, pfeifen, stopp. was ist das für 1 mikro??? sounds like a toolerific definition of techno-house. a vague promise. hoppla, kaputt in the landscape: where's the tool box? you know how to do it. NSFW, aber griffig, – dies werkzeug! and your eyes asking: how gay is okay?

2.10.2016, 23:59h, GG, berlin