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flexible routines

in my dream a voice was saying: "nothing can ever
happen twice." and then i'm awake, it's 9:18 on my
laptop, which was slipping down from the pillow to
the floor. immediately my thought: sunday. shit.

sunday morning for me means: i get this call from
my boss like every week between 9 and 9:30. today
she's telling me, the weather "doesn't look so good"
and they will not open the terrace. – ok. that's fine.
no shift for me at 11:00. i could snooze a bit longer
but i'm already awake. what will i do with this half
of a weekend now?

there was a time when daily routines were providing
me with predictability, created security, confidence
and a calm order. routines relieved stress and anxiety
because there was a plan in place. i've needed my
body to perform, i've also needed my routines to be
flexible so that, as the day unfolded, i could move with
it, adjusting and modifying as necessary, and still got
the most important things done. that was yesterday.

today the coffee is hot and the fatuous expert on the
radio knows it better: … furthermore this relates to the
flexibilisation of the labor market. the decomposition
of ancient customs and traditional practices as well as
the adaptable, flexible routines … – switch that off.

recreational routines are for a mental release from
having to constantly work out the details, wondering
and worrying when you'll be able to accomplish
something. but this morning freetime itself means to
be flexible as hell to me. flex to relax.

once i've planned this tandem tour with my ex. for
months it never happened. maybe someone else
would be more excited (or more flex) to have a bike
tour with me... no, no-one is picking up the phone. so,
maybe not now.

i could use the day to finish this promo text, which
has been on my to-do list for weeks. just have a short
look into my e-mails!

oded wrote to me: THIS IS NOT THE FINAL VERSION!
this is what i have so far. feels like what is missing is
an example for something that will make you make an
exception and flex your routine, like a little scenario.
this could be called mikroutine. are you in?

ok, i'll text him back: i'm in. let's have a little trip to
objekt klein a right now and discuss it there. it's not
too late.

(at: "flexible routinen" – mikrodisko routine im objekt klein a, dresden, 11.11.2017)

april 2017:

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produced cassette are on startnext.com/objektkleina now! 

ps: wherever you are, wherever you go: a yes is a yes and a no is a no. claro.

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