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/ F R A M E

Any action, structured by the tortuous passage of time, is replete with overlooked details. These unimportant things, moments, and routine performances intimately structure living in the mundane or quotidian that barely (or rarely) pass through the threshold of conscious. At first glance, or passed over glance, these unimportant details would seem to resist the aesthetic–with its requisite status as something predicated upon recognition and conscious experience. Yet, this project asks: What if the unimportant were drawn into, amalgamated with, or otherwise affected by the aesthetic? If the hegemonic value of importance is eschewed in favor of a minor key, how can radically alternative modes of queer and decolonial living dwell in the unimportant (if they can dwell there at all)? Unimportant is gravid in its inter/independence from the structures of being circumscribed by normatively legible recognition. Questions shift between lines, sheets, dreams.

Unimportant [UI] is a multi-media, collectively generated project based on the interchange and exchange of image/text/sound/performance. All participants are invited to produce parallel a work, concept, or idea by receiving an individual “fortune cookie” with an UI phrase or idea that is meant to be an entry point/point of departure into the working process. The outcomes will be sended to the “UI switching center”, which will send it to another participant (or even two or more) and each one is/are starting the next round by taking this work, concept or idea as the new starting point. UI will continue in the long term as a series, with each round of parallel collective production lasting 3 months. The idea behind it is to create several UI chains, not in the meaning of captivating rather than connecting. Each step will be documented and archived by UI, considering that each process, each round, each emerging turn or possible collaboration is part of this experiment as long as it is UI.

Ultimately this project will exist in both digital and physical form, with exhibitions both online and in gallery spaces (beginning in Europe and the United States with the intention of further expanding). UI is in the process of seeking funding options.

UI has recently begun working on this project scattered to the four winds between Berlin, Chicago, Bogotá and Paris. Each and together shaped from different backgrounds, but woven together with similar ideas and visions: photographing flowers in goldmines, writing activism as queer, harvesting weed, decolonizing anti-racism, combining social curatism and single parent being, welcoming graphic failure, reading the theories and the tarots, running record labels and charming chances (in dark corners and in libraries), dancing without jackets, establishing collectivity and collaborative production.

Investing with UI in unsure futures.

unimportant.project at gmail . com